Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Escaping The Illuminati

       When an artist makes the decision to sell their soul to the devil they give up all freedom to write and sing about what they want to.  The Rainman, the head of the Illuminati also referred to as the Devil, then decides what the artist will talk about in their lyrics.  This man, at first, makes you feel as though he can help you and do good things for you, but by the time most artists discover that he is there to control you and that he does not have your back, it is too late for them to escape him.  There are however a few artists that are brave enough to stand up for themselves and escape the Rainman.  The artists let him know this through their lyrics for him and the public to view and listen to.  When artists rebel against the Rainman and the Illuminati they are punished, usually by bad publicity through the press.  One courageous artists who made the move to escape the Illuminati was Eminem.
       Eminem has been rapping for many years.  Early on in his career there was evidence of him selling his soul to the Devil.  In many of Eminem's old songs his raps would not be as deep in meaning as they are today.  Most of his songs discussed such topics as money and getting women, all topics the Rainman would have wanted him to publish.  For a while, Eminem believed that by selling his soul to this powerful man in the music industry he was having an ally in his career, but in the recent years he has discovered the selfish and controlling side of the Illuminati thus beginning his rebel against the Rainman.  He began writing lyrics, that to many people looked as though he was talking about his relationships with Kim, his wife, or his battle with drug use, but in actuality he was rapping about escaping his relationship he had with the Illuminati.  One song specifically describes him running away from his old life and becoming free called "25 To Life".
       The song "25 To Life" is most definitely Eminem expressing his true feelings about the Illuminati and the Rainman.  Throughout the song he describes how the Illuminati left him behind and never did anything to benefit him or his career.  Through his lyrics he tells the Rainman to leave him alone and find someone else to do his dirty work.  One example from his song is when he writes, "and what i mean is that I will no longer let you control me."  Right here he is not talking about Kim, rather the Illuminati and how they have forced him to do so many things.  This song and many other songs written by Eminem recently are all subliminal messages referencing the Illuminati and how they are so controlling over artists life and careers.  Eminem is rebelling against the Illuminati even though he knows it is going to come back and bite him.  Not long after this song was released, there were tabloids and talk about Eminem's apparent drug use.  This publicity clearly came from a source in the Illuminati because of his rebelling.  Eminem would rather be free in spirit and receive bad publicity than bow down to everything the Rainman wants him to do, therefor he must escape the Illuminati.

Mathers, Marshall. "Eminem-25 To Life." Jun. 2010. Web. 14 Mar. 2012. <>.

This article is Eminem's lyrics to the song called 25 For Life.  It has a deeper meaning than most people think, it is talking about how Eminem is having to escape from the Illuminati.  These lyrics relate to my topic because they show how artists who are involved in the Illuminati can realize the evil side of this secret society.  Also, his lyrics explain the evil things that the Illuminati did to him.


  1. Put lyrics in quotes. Check spelling and grammer. Put in what source you are referring to. What do you think will happen to Eminem once the illuminati finds out he is rebelling against him? If all your posts are about how the illuminati controls the music industry you should make that your title so its clear to the readers what your writing about and that your not just talking about different conspiracies. Overall a good post!

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